MTP PCS - Differences between Mark 1 & 2



Old DPM ones - liner - no proper pockets
Current lightweight MTP - seems to be designed for under or over as required
Heavyweight MTP Goretex - outer (but rare)
Goretex lined smock - seems good for known wet/cold days but how heavy is it compared to windproof?

We need a new thread for the trousers


Going back to this the waterproof variant smock, this link looks the most descriptive about the waterproof smock. They seem to be about £15-20 more than the standard windproof variant (

Does anyone own it at all and have experience to share by? Is there any scenario where anyone would recommend this to a cadet over a lightweight waterproof jacket under the standard windproof smock in wet weather?


  • Is the black lining removable from the smock to allow for drying?
  • Do these have 2 versions like the other MTP issues or just the one

I see it working probably best for shooting, but not much in fieldcraft?

Re: Trousers @WestlandScout
I’m guessing you mean the waterproof trousers? Would make sense to spin off waterproof articles to another thread for better compartmentalisation and searching for new users. Still have to go through differences between MTP PCS temperate/windproof trousers…

Waterproofs and other ancillaries

I have the warm weather PCS trousers in at least 2 different patterns, with and without the button and tab waist adjustments. I’ve yet to find a Temperate pair in my size!


Courtesy of a colleague

Smock Combat Windproof and MVP

Liner is fixed

A bit heavier than the regular smock but lighter than a gortex and smock together

These seem to be favoured by shooting types…


I’ve created a new topic Waterproofs and ancillaries in Fieldcraft. Admin pls change if I have messed it up.


Great Bit of kit but can feel like a boil in the bag. Mine almost permanently has the pit zips open.


So good for on stag or an OP (I guess what is was designed for) or if you’re an RCO so fairly static?


Exactly, not good for active use or Fieldcraft. The layering system is still around for a good reason.


I wear mine as an outer layer in summer, without a smock, when it is raining. In winter I use the older pattern goretex. The problem with wearing a goretex under the smock, apart from breathability, is putting it on and taking it off. If it suddenly starts raining you have to take your smock off, put on the goretex and then the smock. Then you have to repeat the process in reverse to take it off, which leads to cadets not bothering and keeping it on. Of course they tend to do that anyway.


The whole concept has been back and forth…

Early DMP MVP - Wear it over the top. Includes, pockets, hood, and rank strap.
Logical - Keeps you dry.

Next DPM MVP - Wear it underneath. Includes hood and nothing else.
Also logical in another way - By the time you get your kit off and dig out your waterproof your smock might already be soaked. So get something dry next to you instead and get that wet smock on over the top. Also means that you’ve still got easy access to anything in your smock pockets.

Then they realised that few people were actually doing that and so it had just become an inconvenient outer garment - so redesigned again.

The MTP kit (in both heavy and light) is designed to permit wearing over the top. They have pockets/access and rank strap.

The idea of longevity seems to have long since fallen away.
Sure, worn over the top it will wear out more rapidly; but that’s next year’s budget…
It’s far more likely that the cheap zippers will fail before the fabric - hence the huge number of basically serviceable, but for the broken zips, jackets I see in the gash bins at stores.


A bit of digging around and I’ve found a whole new range of trousers:

Trousers Combat
Tropical Multi Terrain Pattern
85/84/100 is NSN 8415-99-667-4249

Not seen these before. Any thoughts?


That’s the Tropical pattern - sometimes (technically incorrectly) referred to as CS95 MTP.

Came out before PCS-CU was introduced.


There are three main types of MTP kit:

The original, CS95-style kit (in tropical weight)
The current, main-issue PCS (in temperate weight)
The current, warm-weather PCS (in tropical weight)

I think that WDI is correct that the ones marked ‘tropical’ are probably the originals, think that the newer stuff is marked as ‘warm weather’


The easiest way to tell is if it has straight or slanted leg pockets - straight is CS95, slanted is PCS.

The polycotton mix of the tropical/warm weather ones might be worth checking, and they were a thinner material.