Mtp patch crests

Hi all, can’t find a direct answer anywhere…
Our wing and many others have wing crests on the left patch on mtp, usually only for road marching and nijmegen.
Is there any rules on squadron crests or the wearing of crests?

ACP 1358 has all your answers but as a TLDR, the only things for cadets that should go below the Union Jack are JL patches or CCF School badges. Staff have other patches such as SATT, JL etc.

On Nijmegen and other RM event, it’s common for people to wear their Wing insignia.

There was certainly a period where they were authorised if signed off by Wing/Region. Certainly in my old swing every Squadron had them.

Those are the official rules, however there are a number of Wings/Sqns who have made their own patches that they wear. Technically not allowed, but :man_shrugging:

There were photos of the Commandant wearing the Manchester Wing patch on his MTP recently. So if it’s okay for him it’s okay for us, right?


Was wondering what that was on his patch…

Thanks all. I figured it’s a no go.

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