MTP help

So I’ve been trying to buy an MTP from CadetDirect, but the size selection is really weird.

I selected 150/88 for the shirt (as the only option)

But it turned out really small and fat, I checked out other websites and they rarely got any stock of the size I needed.

So I was wondering if there are any replacement websites to buy MTPs from

The first number is your height, the second is your chest size.

So 150/88 was for someone 4’11" tall with a chest size of 34"

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I see, but the size selection is really off. I was wondering if there is any replacement to buy MTPs, or do I simply have to wait? I’m sure no one will fit in any size CadetDirect provide…

eBay isn’t a bad option.

Many choices there, cadet direct doesn’t have a stellar reputation of providing good value.

And sizing wise, it’s always best to go a size up in height.

For reference, I wear a 180 as I size up in the height to accommodate my shoulders.

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I see, my squadron is telling us to get combats as soon as possible. Thank you for the help, I appreciate it!

Do you have a list from your Sqn of the stuff it wants you to get?

Different Sqns do different types of activities, so they need different things from the uniform pool - get the specifics, so you don’t waste time or money.

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You could also try British Military Surplus which does a MTP PCS Cadet starter kit. Details at MTP PCS Cadet Starter Kit - Grade 1

Good luck!


That’s a really good price, considering it includes boots.

it is an astonishing price to include all that - ok yes it is “grade 1” (second hand) but even on the second hand market you could pay £#30 an item (socks excluded) and requires effort in finding it so to get smock, shirt, trousers and boots for under £100 is a good find imo


I’ve not heard of a cadet specific PCS shirt that Cadet Direct appear to be selling. Is it some kind of knock off?

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I’m not sure if it is the same but Helikon-Tex had a contract to make MTP copies with smaller sizes for cadets. They were on sale through Cadet Kit Shop.

I don’t think they still make them, Cadet Kit Shop now list items made by a company called 1850.

Ah. That’s where those are coming from.

Unfortunately they look like someone gave the manufacturer a crayon drawing of MTP - all the colours are wrong.

Combat boots, green t-shirt and combat uniform

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I see, that is probably why the whole UK seemed to have lack of products in stock

Find out what they mean by ‘combat uniform’…

Some units only bother with the short/jacket in the summer, and stick with t-shirt-fleece/softie-windproof in the winter, some go with the shirt/jacket all year and don’t bother with the windproof - you need to find out what it is they want…

There is a batch doing the rounds that has different colours, one of our cadets turned up in it.

Proper valid NSN, batch number and MOD mark on the smock so either it’s a rogue batch or they have toned down the colours (which would be logical if the possible theatre of operations is temperate rather than sandy).

Pretty sure they uses MTP, saw them all the year (joined on summer)

Sorry, not being clear.

Everything is in MTP - but there are lots of different items of clothing under the label ‘combat uniform’ (imagine going into Sainsbury’s with a shopping list that said ‘get some food I like…’), some Sqns have different ideas about what you need - the ones I’m aquatinted with for example wouldn’t bother with the shirt/lightweight jacket in the winter, so you wouldn’t need to get that for 5 months or so…

You’ll need trousers and a green/brown t-shirt, but apart from that it’s up to your Sqn to decide - that’s what you need to ask about…

I paid more than that just for my Alt-Bergs (included in the package)

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