MTP Barracks Shirt but with Velcro?

Have seen a couple of these shirts recently but can’t identify them

It looks like a barracks shirt but with velcro patches on the sleeve.

Any ideas?

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You may be looking at Future Aircrew Clothing System (FACS) shirts.


Barrack shirt and CS95 aren’t the same.

Possibly a CS95 shirt… buttons and plates

Rather than BrckShrt with buttons and no plates

Could be Crye Precision which is now on issue to the RM, or private purchase

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No plates on CS95 - you’re thinking of PCS.

I have both CS95 pattern shirts and new barrack and neither have Velcro on the arms so it’s likely the aircrew shirt mentioned above.

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It might be that you have a normal barracks shirt where someone’s had Velcro added to the arms to make changing over badges easier

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Definitely looked like CS95 pattern barracks shirt albeit with blanking patch sized velcro on the arms.

There is some kicking about, they are lesser seen but they are about.

I wonder if it was part of a transition set, like the weird windproof smocks that are CS95 cut but have the Velcro on the arms.

There was a FR shirt in CS95 cut MTP issued that had a velcro collar and cuffs and a velcro pocket on the left arm, but no velcro panels. It is possible there might be such a shirt somewhere knocked up in a limited run for trials, but I’ve never heard of one being on general issue.

As far as I know the general issue shirts went straight from the original UOR tropical MTP shirt to the PCS shirt, and then to the current barrack shirt.

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That was why I wondered if it might be the new RM CU

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I don’t think they are getting a CS95 type shirt, they are getting kit made by Crye Precision I believe.

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Yeah, the RM Crye shirts have weird angled pockets and all sorts.

Got any pictures, @bob1?

Of the smocks?

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Yeah, @bob1, if it’s not a bother.

The guy is wearing one in this review:

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