MTP Barrack Shirts

Hi all,

I was just wondering if it is still allowed to wear an MTP barrack shirt? and what badges need to be put on? just the TRF?

I saw this in AP1358C:
d. MTP Barracks Shirt. This garment is a lighter version of the jacket without the additional sleeve padding and is designed to be worn within the office
and camp environment. Whilst it has not been authorised for issue by the RAF it is acknowledged that, due to the private purchase route nature for No3
dress, RAFAC personnel will likely purchase in good faith. It is therefore permissible for RAFAC personnel to wear the barracks shirt.

I was just wondering if staff will be picky and still allow it as I’m not sure if the version of AP i was looking at was out of date.

Thank you!

If it’s in the AP, you’re allowed, no matter what anyone says. That info is current, wear it with pride :wink:


Go for it.
That para is just a really badly worded, faffy, pretentious way of saying:


I do. Won’t be stopping.

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I only wear barrack shirts instead of the PCS Shirt…although some sensitive types out there have an issue with them generally.

And yes trf is worn

Thanks, Have you had any problems with staff when wearing the barrack shirt?

Alex is staff (though I know his baby-face avatar makes that seem implausible :wink: ).

You may well find some mis-informed staff member questions it, but it is authorised so they’re in the wrong if they do.
How do you deal with that situation? That depends on a number of things. :confused:

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My apologies Alex!

How to deal with the situation? Would a reference to AP1358C do

Just tell the a Dep WWO said you could wear it :wink: and it’s in 1358c. I encourage wearing them…they are far more practic

Secondly and a personal opinion, considering its private purchase aslong as it’s a barrack shirt and in the correct MTP pattern and its worn correctly…it would take a special type of human being to drag you over the coals for wearing one…so just crack on.


It really does depend on the situation and it’s hard to give a definite answer.
The type of person who might pick up a cadet for wearing a barrack shirt is unlikely to be pleased about being told they’re wrong.

It’s probably easier for a senior cadet NCO to tackle that directly than for a younger, newer cadet…

If anyone ever does make a fuss about it I reckon speaking to a staff member or Cdt NCO you feel comfortable with is probably the best start.

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I’d certainley agree with this. Politely agree with the person telling you. Then go and find your OC with the book and show them that you are permitted and let them deal with the fall out


Hi there, I was just wondering how far the TRF sits below the shoulder seam as i couldnt seem to find it in AP1358C. Thanks

Right sleeve with the top edge 7.5cms below the shoulder seam.

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Follow what it says for the DPM S95 kit.

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The latest argument is whether creases are ironed in the shirt…some say yes (including me because its worn as per a CS95 Shirt) some say no because it’s an MTP shirt…

Naturally, I would agree with you because its a CS95 shirt and it looks smarter. Regardless of the fact it is in MTP. However, that’s just my opinion.

Personally I think that MTP should not be ironed - ironing it, along with washing it on a high temperature, fades it very quickly and very markedly.

Given that it is, above all, a camouflage uniform who’s effectiveness depends on its colour palette, all else is subservient to that.

If it’s hung up to dry, the big creases fall out. If the little creases matter, then it’s probably an occasion where you shouldn’t be in MTP…

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Whilst what you say is correct, the barrack shirt is to be worn in the barracks or within camp if im not mistaken and if you are in a situation where you need the uniform to be combat effective with regards to the colour palette you mention then the MTP PCS Lighweight combat jacket or UBACS should be worn as that suits the situation. Of course, this is just my take on it.

Which completely ignors the fact - a fact so relevant that the ACP noted it - that the supply situation in the ACO means that cadets (and staff) wear what they can get, and very often don’t have a ‘good’ shirt’, and a ‘field shirt’.

It also ignores trousers.

Sorry, but your view is completely divorced from the realities of our supply situation.


Goes back to my point that it takes a special type of person to shred a cadet for what type of shirt they are wearing given its private purchase