MTP, Are sizes the same?

Have you found the sizes the same as the old greens?

Best place to source it from?

For the temperate weather variant, yes. Warm weather can come up a bit small but it might depend on the batch. Anything new you get these days will probably be fine. Note that you need to make sure the trousers are a good fit as there is no drawstring in the waist of the PCS version. Barring sources of free kit, ebay is your best bet to buy it.

eBay it is then. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

No. I’ve gone up a size in shirts and had to have the sleeves tailored (shortened 50mm).
Smock OK if a little tight over the shoulders.
MTP waterproof up a size.
Thermal undershirt skintight and cuts off circulation to my arms! Next size up not available at present
Trousers the same as 95s but are a bit of a hipster cut and could do with sitting a little higher on the waist.

The sizing is the same, however the cut is obviously different. You were probably wearing the wrong size CS95, it was just more “forgiving”.

The waterproof does depend on which one. The 1st gen is identical to the CS95 one. There are two variants of the lightweight waterproof - one with a black fleece collar and one with a brown fleece collar. The black ones are indeed cut quite tight and short, enough for the size label to be considered wrong. The brown ones are correct sizing however the sizes are different to CS95 waterproofs - they only come in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and 2XL, which are 160/80, 170/90, 180/100, 190/110 and 200/120 respectively. Going up a size for the chest means a longer jacket.