MTP and jumpers


Recently I went to an event and the f sgt was wearing a green jumper under his mtp jacket. I was wondering if this is aloud. If it is am I aloud to wear a green jumper under my greens jacket. He said it isn’t in the acp but its acceptable. I would just like to confirm this


If it is under your smock then yes you are allowed to wear a green jumper. 1358c doesn’t mention it but it is no different from wearing a soft shell underneath your jacket or a Norwegian shirt.

You won’t be able to wear just the jumper without your jacket though.


Bottom line; if you’re cold, put a jumper on.


Green woolly pullies are definitely back in vogue at the moment.


Or you could be ally and wear it over your undershirt under your combat shirt.

Oh, and it’s FS. Not F Sgt, F/Sgt, Flt Sgt or anything else you can dream up.


MGS guards wear just jumpers with their MTP


So do Pongos


Another thing for the Uniform zealots to get their knickers (obviously regulation ones) in a twist!!!


Indeed Regimental jumpers with MTP are currently in vogue - the poshest examples being on display at the Royal School of Artillery, with lesser Regiments having their own, probably polyester, variants…


Essentially, yes. If you don’t have the Norgie or buffalo then I’d say pretty much any OG, earthy-brown or similar mid-layer is reasonable to keep you warm.


This has nothing to do with why I recently acquired one…


Blue one!!! Please someone wear a blue one!


Yes. A proper blue one obviously, not that awful blu-tac colour…


With a belt on top.


Ref GWH, Regular army wear Jumper with Mtp trousers!


Not sure why anyone would wear the old green jumper, the newer thermal mid-layer is much nicer to wear!


Because it’s all they’ve got?

New Canada Goose jackets are a lot nicer to wear than my old coat but I don’t really got much choice!


I think you will find there is a newer tan coloured jumper for MTP available


Aah, different coloured jumpers, the Zealots blood pressure goes up another few notches!

I wouldn’t care what the cadets wear under their jacket as long as it keeps them warm!!


The green jumpers are ally again.