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As you may already be aware, the IBN published yesterday details some pretty significant changes coming to Bader. This will affect how all CFAV/Perm Staff users login to the system, in particular O365, from the 17th August .

Essentially, you will no longer be using the domain to login to Bader Office 365 applications (email, sharepoint, forms, teams) but switching over to using the new domain Strongly suggest that you read the IBN that has been issued and the SharePoint article.

We also have a poster explaining what is happening and why available here which is linked to the SharePoint article.

Specific comms on the change to Cadet Portal usernames (which will also adopt the new domain on 24th August) will commence in earnest on 10 Aug. In the meantime, a poster for cadets which you can use to raise awareness of the upcoming change is also available here.

Your emails will no longer have in them but any emails sent to will forward to the correct people automatically - so no impact on vehicle livery, gizzits (leaflets/flyers), tents, banners and all of that. If someone does email you using, when you reply, they will see from 17 Aug onwards.

Any questions, ask away - but please read the materials before you open fire!

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Only question I am to have is will permanent staff who already have @mod etc emails be moving over to @rafac.mod etc?
Quick edit, for example a wexo who is currently, will they go to

I see the benefits of this move and it’s seems a good change overall for dealing with the wider RAF, MOD and other government departments. From the IBN, I assume we will lose the ability to send from the .org address.

My only concern is that for potential recruits and parents the address is much less memorable or descriptive of what we do. does what it says, is a jumble of letters if you don’t know what they mean. After the transition period, I’d like to see each Sqn being able to use their address as a public facing contact still. Is that possible?

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Their MOD email address should remain completely unchanged, since it’s nothing to do with us.
But wexo’s also have a bader address - (though many don’t seem to use them) which will change.

But given al these Doc’s and the IBN refers to ‘permanent staff’ too, I can see some potential confusion. Especially as a lot of the HQAC staff are referred to by their email. It should be changed to if you work in the RAFAC, you have an email!

They will continue to have both.

I understand, but over time, the will be phased out completely (eventually) and we are an MOD organisation and having associated email addresses is just part of that.

Again, they all have access to both - and that is necessary.


Cheers for the reply. :blush:

Does this mean also one step closer to all CFAV having their own emails, along with Admin Portal?

although lets be realistic, how many parents actually use email, rather than facebook messenger to the squadron page or direct to a cfav, or via a contact form on the squadton website.


Our potential recruits are mainly email or phone enquiries and parents of current cadets usually email, if they don’t phone or come to the Sqn. Each unit is different though. certainly emphasises that we’re part of the MOD. Whether that’s a good thing for us as a youth organisation may be for another thread.

certainly in the last two years I cannot think of an occasion a parent has emailed me first (ie not in reply to my email) yet can think of two occasions when parents have used FB Messenge feature

Regular contact from parents though doesn’t require them to know the email address.
Once they’ve sent to it the once it’ll be in the email cache. Then they just need to remember that it’s something vaguely to do with RAFAC, or start typing “1234 sqn” and it’ll autofill.
In fact I tend to find that most parents dig out any old email I’ve sent and reply to that instead of creating a new email.

One step closer is correct :wink:

Works pretty well for the largest cadet force in the UK :wink:

Will still work too?

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Yes …and other words

All Bader users should have received a reminder email for the domain name change today. We have also posted SPOL articles and something will be going onto the Bader Landing Site shortly.

The changeover will take place on Mon 17 Aug :slight_smile:


Edited: Ignore previous, I’m blind. :thinking:

They use for email I believe

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Correct :+1: is just their public facing website.

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