Most clasps on Cadet Forces Medal in the ACO?

I know that the CFM is awarded to uniformed members of staff after 12 years service and then a clasp is awarded for every additional 6 years. I have seen a Wing Commander with 5 clasps. Is there anyone else in the Corps with 6+ clasps? Not wanting a name, just curious.


would that even be possible?

CFM = 12
6 x 6yr clasps = 36

total 48 yrs

assuming earliest appointment at 20…that is 68 and unless extended yearly at a time retirement from uniform service is expected at 65???

Is there a maximum to the amount of years that an adult volunteer can have their service extended?

There is an occifer in my wing who is somewhere approaching his mis-seventies, so there are certainly exceptions to the rule of aging out. I’m not sure how many bars he has as he went VRT late after being a pilot for many years.

[quote=“steve679” post=24562]would that even be possible?

CFM = 12
6 x 6yr clasps = 36

total 48 yrs

assuming earliest appointment at 20…that is 68 and unless extended yearly at a time retirement from uniform service is expected at 65???[/quote]
He would be older than that as prior to 1 Apr 99, the qualifying period for a clasp was 8 years. It was reduced to 6 years on 1 Apr 99.

If an officer say, had just been awarded his 6th clasp today, the date of awards would have been thus:

12yrs qualifying service for medal - 1961-1973
1st clasp (8yrs) - 1973-1981
2nd clasp (8yrs) - 1981-1989
3rd clasp (8yrs) - 1989-1997
4th clasp (6yrs) - 1997-2003
5th clasp (6yrs) - 2003-2009
6th clasp (6yrs) - 2009-2015

Assuming said officer was 18 years old upon commencing his qualifying service as a cadet in 1961, his year of birth must have been 1943. This would make him 72yrs old upon qualifying for his 6th clasp. If he joined the VR(T) at age 20, this would push his year of birth back to 1941, making him 74yrs old.

74 years old doesn’t sound too impossible…Never know, may have a 6th clasp person in the years to come!

Is there any kind of record kept, at HQAC for example, where all recipients of the CFM/clasps are noted down. It would be interesting to find out the longest serving staff member is.

If a 5th clasp had been awarded, the dates would be adjusted to:

12yrs qualifying service for medal - 1969-1981
1st clasp (8yrs) - 1981-1989
2nd clasp (8yrs) - 1989-1997
3th clasp (6yrs) - 1997-2003
4th clasp (6yrs) - 2003-2009
5th clasp (6yrs) - 2009-2015

This would put the recipients age at between 66 (oldest) and 64 (youngest).

IIRC, there was someone to do with HQAC who compiled a history of the ACO? Maybe worth contacting HQAC and asking around to see if they have any info on multi-clasp CFM holders.

I will be 66 when/if I get my 6th clasp.

Currently 42 with my 2nd bar due in October.

I was a CWO at 18 and commisssioned at 22 with no break in service so got my medal when I was 30 and first bar at 36.
3rd bar due when I’m 48
4th bar when I’m 54
5th bar when I’m 60
6th bar when I’m 66.

The age of clasp holders will reduce in line with the qualifying period being reduced from 8 to 6yrs. Based on today’s “5\6th clasp awards”, the age of the recipients is that much higher than it will be in the future.

Who knows - we may even get to see a 7th clasp being awarded in the fullness of time!

I could be wrong, but I think ex VR(T) who are granted Flt Lt or above Rtd who become CIs continue to acrew clasps for continued service.

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Sadly, I don’t think that is the case as this extract from the current CFM regulations states:


  1. To be eligible for award of the CFM or Clasp(s) an individual must have served as a commissioned or appointed officer or as an appointed adult instructor (with warrant or senior non-commissioned officer rank, or equivalent, and wearing uniform) in the Air Training Corps and must still be serving at the time that the reckonable qualifying service is completed."[/i]

My bold.

Retired Officers who retain their rank are also sent a letter outlining when it’s appropriate for them to wear uniform (Remembrance Day, attendance at Royal Garden Parties etc) but it doesn’t allow them to accrue time served towards any further medallic recognition.

I believe a former colleague of mine is due to get his 5th clasp this year.

I’m also aware of a CI who was a cadet in the ADCC who is still going to this day (was an aircraft engineer so didn’t even leave to do National Service) all of his service with the same Squadron, always been a CI so plenty of Tea but no Medals.

I thought retd was Sqn Ldr and above as per the parent service??

No rtd is Flt Lt, I think that follows the RAF now. I think army is Major.

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A quick check of Debtetts says Sqn Ldr for the RAF and Captain for the Army.

Don’t forget that if you or a manner of your staff has served previously in either a reserve or regular post and that time hasn’t been used against any other form of medal (more often that not an officer as they don’t qualify for the LSGC) they can use 3 years of that service plus any VRT service towards their medal or clasp, irrespective of length of break in service.