More promotion drama

I’m just asking for some more advice on getting noticed by the CO for promotion. I did a letter and the NCOs have said I’m going okay but I’m just wondering how I could get the CO to notice me as she’s in the office mostly. Thanks,

not much - just crack on being someone the cadets/NCO’s look up to and the staff look to and continue attending what you can.

if your OC’s stuck in the office, then eventually she’ll be dependant on what the staff and cadet NCO’s are telling her (hopefully…), at which point you’ll be in - and don’t worry too much about being left behind, at the last sqn i was on we had a cadet Cpl who’d been languishing at Cpl for 3 years, we changed (improved!) the way, and the reason, we picked our cadet NCO’s and she was a CWO in 18 months.

i’d try not to worry about it, yes its a bit if a drag being the worlds oldest cadet, but on the other hand there’s far less pressure to attend all the dross stuff. if it really gets you down talk to one of the sqn officers or SNCO’s about it, if you get no joy you could look for another Sqn, assuming there’s one nearby.

best of luck.

Ultimately, coming on here and whinging isn’t going to help, especially if your staff see it. Go and politely ask what you can do to improve, which courses you can go on and what they want to see from you.

Unfortunately, some people will inevitably always stay as cadets, and that’s life.

Thanks for the advice angus,
I’ll just keep doing my best, I really don’t want to transfer as I love my squadron.

I’m not wining PeP I’m just looking for some advice and perhaps an impartial insight into the situation. though think they don’t really know me as a cadet that much. The NCOs seem to but I don’t think the Staff haven’t spoken to them.

Now then lofty, it seems you have done all you can. Just try not to get big headed, you never know, maybe there is a reason they are waiting. And just because you and other people say or think your the best thing since sliced bread, doesnt mean the staff do either…just yet…

Keep doing what your doing, and try to remember to have fun and enjoy yourself. Its not all about shouty stripes. Stay humble and keep working hard. Dont worry about him or her or anyone else. Strive for perfection in every task no matter how small and it will come.

Best advice is to simply continue doing what you are doing. Applying yourself fully! Continuously ask yourself- are you the best you can be? Is your uniform the best it can be? Chances are the answer is no because there is always room for improvement! However, it is the constant strive to better yourself that will be noticed!
Think about what you can do to develop the junior cadets as well. In what way can you utilise your skills and experience to develop the younger cadets?

Hope this helped.