Moi assessments

Hi , I’ve done the moi course and I just have to do my final assessment to pass . I have no idea what to teach and I’m just wondering what anyone would recommend.

Something that interests you, or something from the First Class Classification that you can focus on interesting ways to teach the topic.

As a MOI assessor I actually enjoy it when a cadet does something that isn’t necessarily casst related… I find it more captivating and easier to assess and provide feedback as it isn’t the millionth time you’ve seen a history of the RAF lesson


Yep - as a fellow MOI assessor I agree with @AlexCorbin. If you do want to something from the RAFAC syllabus there’s no reason it has to be from a 1st Class lesson.

To defend the sugestion of something from the First Class, is that (I’d hope) you know the subject inside out and can focus on the interesting delivery.

But absolutly, something that interests you and you can teach in an engaging way.

And I’m sure it goes without saying, (stuff that should have been covered in the MOI course)

  • Set Ground rules at the beginning (microphones on mute etc.)
  • Make sure you set objectives at the beginning of the session
  • Don’t read your presentation word for word from your PowerPoint
  • Include interactive activities timelines, Kahoots
  • Check understanding throughout the 'lessons that your students are still engaged.
  • Recap the objectives at the end.
  • Any Questions

@Ben1, what interests do you have outside cadets. Could be a hobby, could be an academic subject that you can turn into a good lesson. Think about an activity that the cadets can do to show they’ve learnt something. One of the best I’ve seen was on brewing beer for a micro brewery. Someone else did a good medical based activity. Chose something that shows your enthusiasm, it’s your last one so you want to give yourself a good subject.

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I’ve assessed cadets giving a lesson on the brief history of the soviet Union fighter aircraft… To basic sign language… Both times, it was something they enjoyed and had knowledge off.

Back when I was a cadet, I did how a jet engine worked…but that was on OHPs… (showing my age).