MODNET migration

Has anyone seen any sort of strategy or architectural document describing the imminent migration to MODNET?

I see that the old style “role” addresses at wing and regional HQ are being replaced by personal addresses which are the user’s name plus three

Does this mean all our type addresses will be changed too?

Thanks in advance.

Doubt it would affect the addresses. Happy to be proven wrong in the future (I got time!)

They did however, state in one of the Bader updates that they will be expanding the user accounts to allow personal accounts for everyone for Bader…

Everyone uniform?
Everyone Staff?
everyone adult (committee, service helpers, wing staff etc)?
All of the above and cadets?

Surely that was their personal address under DII anyway?

Or are the MoD now completely getting rid of role addresses?

My understanding is that RAFAC Role Accounts on the domain will remain, in addition to these will be personal RAFAC accounts which will have access to the various mailboxes.

MODNET is for current DII users as they move to this new system, not sure if they will still have Role Address, but looks like the change is being poorly communicated to the volunteers by the perm staff, but this may not be there fault.

I have a Dii account and email and I’ve absolutely no idea whats happening.

From what I’m led to believe, the current dresses will stay the same with no change

As with standard DII users those migrating to MODNET will have role and personal email addresses however all emails are seen by the user in the personal mailbox, excluding any group mailboxes. There is a minor change to any DII email addresses once they are migrated to MODNET. MODNET is not accessible if you are not connected to the RLI, so the email system will be completely separate as with DII, this is not to say that it may also get moved to office 365 if someone decides that is a good idea.

Ah - OK so us folks outside DII just use the same role address as before but with a different suffix. Presumably some kind person will update all our address books for us?

Once the user migrates to MODNET, for an indeterminate period after migration the old address will forward to the new mailbox automatically, however the advice was that before migration an out of office notification was set to emphasize the point to anyone emailing the old address that they had now migrated.

I can’t say I’d be hopeful about updates to any address books, especially as the migration is on a camp by camp basis and even then not all users are capable of being migrated currently.

I have been led to believe all but Cadets - i guess based on whoever is listed on SMS under “Staff”

This is ideal time to remind people that ACLO email addresses would/will change once they have been MODNET’d.

Oh yes, I hadn’t spotted the .gov bit.

I’m about to go through the change!

Cross your fingers for me that I don’t loose my files and emails!

Multiuser accounts are sometimes a problem!

It’s your age, dear.

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It’s a new tactic to ensure no one can find anyone or do anything useful.