Modified Bergen

Having a clear out and before I put anything on eBay, I’d rather punt it here and Make sure it gets some good use rather than some airsofter.

It will be for staff only. And just judging if there’s any demand for it. But I have a shortback DPM Bergen, modified. It was Privately purchased. There’s 3 utility pouches along the front, a large poncho pouch above the utilities and across the front top half. Mesh sewn into the sides for stashing gear/shamoolies. Doesn’t hamper the use of side pouches (which aren’t included). I’ll add pictures if there’s any interest.

Open to sensible offers. If no one wants or has a need for it, I’ll just bang it on eBay.

I’d certainly like to see a few pics please

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I’ll get some on as soon as. It’s very similar to this:

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