MoD funding 'black hole'


You don’t get 20p back - you get the tax you would have paid on that 20p (so around 4.5ppm)


But still worth doing, especially on a long journey it will pay for your service station sandwich.


Or use your VA for the sandwich…

Mine has previously bought Sqn McFlurries and the drinks at our staff social


True that. I’m still not used to getting VA. Not managed to claim any yet since going into uniform


1771 the sandwich.


Ahh, but that’s my second, or “fatty boy” sandwich


Ohhhhhh and the lady isnt here to defend her boy.


?? What lady?




You have actually claimed for a sandwich.

That takes the biscuit :rofl:


Why not claim for a sandwich, do folks not think those in Twitter land don’t claim for theres on their wages. I know folks are saying they don’t get VA for other things they are involved in, but how many others would ask someone to go to a camp, get up at 6am run events throughout the day, pay for their own meals run events to say 8/9 pm then expect they to do a duty NCO/officer role untill cadets get sleeping then hit their own bed about 12/1 am to get up again at 6am and to go that maybe twice in the camp period


Did you claim for the biscuit too?


I stand corrected - either way its money in the pocket


I don’t think anyone in their right mind does the cadets for money, although their are people who are only interested in doing it for the money.
However the money though helps at times

My August HTD claim coincided with when I needed to pay my road tax, so just by doing something I enjoyed it nicely took care of a bill every year.

Also a friend of mine has his VA and HTD put into a separate account which nicely pays for him and his good lady to go away for the weekend every year. Which in turns has her ease off in the complaining about the amount of time he spends doing cadets stuff


I agree - but there are plenty (myself included) who do a lot more than they would if they weren’t getting paid. At the end of the day, anyone going much above 28 days is spending nearly 10% of their life on the Corps.


I wouldn’t go to “mandatory stuff” like Field Day or Conference for free I tell you that much!


There are some of us that max out our days pretty quickly.
I’ve not been able to claim anything since October, and many claims bounced back after then (I don’t keep count, I just wait for when HQAC send them back)…
But I did hold 3 positions… Sqn OC, Wing and Region roles (I have almost managed to get it back down to just Wing now!)
Between being a DofE assessor, CC, running Training Weekends… those days disappear pretty quickly, and this year I’ve done less than others.

I have the rest of the FY as the Wg TO delivering courses for “free” but it won’t stop me as l’m not doing it for the cash.


It’s impossible to quantify work done (or perhaps not done!), especially when you look at preparation / planning / administration / sqn social media updates / 'phone calls / sending & answering sqn emails, etc, etc - all actioned away from sqn parade nights. Same for attendance at some events that other CFAVs aren’t perhaps qualified for.

Over-time for events at weekends? :laughing:


it’s like anything the amount of behind the scenes work is unquantifiable, especially in the volunteer world. In my other voluntary meanderings, meetings, emails, phone calls etc as said, not seen by anyone.


Walk around any workplace and you see managers not doing huge amounts (on the surface), would these be included given that OCs are regarded as managers.
I remember as a young member of staff thinking I was doing more than the CO, but did it bother me not one bit. If any of the staff at the sqn moan, I throw it open to them to do it if they want and then find out about the crap that a CO deals with, that they don’t. I am not precious in any way about being the CO, I can eat biscuits anywhere.

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