MOD 90, when to change?

Just wondered what the general guidance on updating a MOD90 is if it is still in date.

For example, with the recent change in service numbers… and also how many ranks out is a good time to change?

Looking at mine and most the information is not correct, despite it being current date wise - it hasn’t caused any problems, but just wondered if there was a general rule of thumb of when to change it out?

We are told:

  • Two ranks
  • Significant appearance change

I would guess a change in service number would warrant it too.

But considering my current picture is me fresh faced 18yo AC and I’m now a nearly 30 bitter bearded Corporal, and my photo hasn’t been updated… I’m clearly very good at following advice.

Pretty sure for us it’s expiry (6months ahead) or significant change of appearance

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I read somewhere that you aren’t to change it because of service number - that will be updated at the next issue.


Pretty sure that was in the service number change notices.

I requested my new one about 9 months out I think. I did however expect it to take much longer than it did to arrive

I applied for a replacement when the service numbers changed in April as mine expired at the start of last month.

Still waiting for it to appear.

Significant change in appearance.
Two ranks, unless you are a senior officer, then every rank.

Did the same, for the same reasons, got mine back in about two months!!

I didn’t check which number mine has, my application took 13 months.

10 of those to get from the WgExO’s briefcase to his desk mind.

Aren’t we due to go digital imminently?


They’ve been tested and trialled in the RAF, their roll out was supposed to start any day now, and it was the whole reason there was an RAF team willing to make an app for cadets.

And again, it won’t be accepted on all military establishments :man_facepalming: The first pongo or MPGS who sees it won’t accept it!

Last I checked, RAF Leeming has MPGS guards. They managed just fine.

HQAC apparently have to wait for at least 100 before they can send them on to actually be processed.

I’ve heard the two ranks thing as well, but then on promotion to sgt I was told I’d better get it changed in case I was challenged in a public room in the Mess (this was on a station where junior enlisted aviators used the WOs’ & Sgts’ Mess for transit accommodation but were forbidden from the public rooms).