Mk16a vs Mk16b

I know that one has knee boards and the other doesn’t but can anyone explain the rationale behind the two different types of flying suit?

Think the one without knee boards was to go under g trousers, as they have knee boards built in

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Ah, cheers. Makes sense.

When students graduate from 72, it’s been known that their kneeboards are ceremoniously ripped off their flying suits!

Hahaha, that’s great!

And they look a bit silly as the 4 little patches of velcro that seal the top opening pockets remain firmly attached to the legs (I still have mine).

The kneeboard-less one is designed for use with G-pants (but curiously they left the ankle pockets on), but is also used by non-FJ types who don’t need the knee boards, as it’s generally more comfortable (lighter and cooler on the thighs).

Ha! Never thought about that!