Mistake when seeing OC

Last night , for some reason when going to see the OC in his office, I did not salute. I didn’t know what to do after so just left it.

It’s now really bothering me and I wish I did something but I just don’t know what to do, as I am also a candidate for promotion and I feel like this has really damaged my chances.


Dont over-think it. If the OC had an issue, I am sure they would have brought it to your attention on the evening.

My suggestion would be forget about it, we all make mistakes, learn from it and just ensure you remember in future. Nothing to worry about!

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If they didn’t mention anything, dont over think it.

Just remember to salute on entry and exit next time.

We all make mistakes. Knowing when you make a mistake and how to improve next time, is an asset.

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Thanks @willow :slight_smile: .

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