Minimum wage

Geneva: Why the world’s highest minimum wage was needed
So who wants to move to Switzerland?

Not me.

I go on business to Geneva and everything is so expensive! And I don’t think it is any nicer there than other European towns or cities…


Would they cover my home to duty claim?

Go there regularly with work - yes, very expensive!

only if it’s a one way ticket😳

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I have a friend who lives in Geneva for work.

9 Swiss Francs for a pint…

Not that far off London prices

Just got back from London after a few days away. The wallet has taken a frightening hit just on drinks, hilarious really when a pint in my nearest pub is £1.50

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It’s a technique to keep t Northerners away.

Mr Daws, are you implying us northerners can’t afford a good drink?

Tread carefully

No. He’s just suggesting that they don’t want us in the South as we’d embarrass them with our superior drinking skills (and our frugality) :wink:


No I’m suggesting that based on experience you don’t want to pay for one!

That’s more like it.

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Sad to say… that’s also more like it :joy:

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Like I said, we’re frugal

Try Iceland - that’s also an expensive place. Equivalent of £15 just for two half-pints.

2 x cheeseburgers, 2 x 330ml bottle of coke, 1 x small tub of pringles, 1 x pkt of dried banana pieces and 1 x chocolate bar was the equivalent of £91.00.

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For a minute there I was thinking you were talking about the supermarket… I was going to say you’ve been mugged off

I remember Sweden being £8 a pint when I went there 10 years ago

Wow, I’ve clearly not travelled around enough! I ski in France and Austria and I thought the resort prices for beer were expensive. But holy hell, £91 for a few snacks…

Denmark was over £9 a pint and that was a decade ago

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