Minibuses for Sale

Posting for a friend on a London area Sqn. They’ve got 2 minibuses they want to get rid of - a 58 reg 14 seat Transit and a 08 reg 9 seat crew cab Maxus. Lack of drivers and the soon to be extension of Mr Khan’s ULEZ means they are no longer viable as Sqn assets. Both are in pretty good shape generally, but neither have been driven for a while and they don’t have current MoTs.

Rather than letting ‘We Buy Any Car’ scrap them for a pittance, the Sqn have said they would prefer the vehicles to go for a modest outlay, to a Unit which might get them back on the road and make good use of them, which probably wouldn’t be difficult, new battery, tyres perhaps and brake overhaul would most likely do it. The difficulty will be collecting them as a low loader or recovery truck would be needed, but there’s probably access to these around the Corps!

PM me if you’re interested and I’ll pass your details on.

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Maybe try something like outdoor gear exchange on Facebook, it similar other groups too?

scrapage scheme? can get up to £7500 from TfL

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Even if not buying a low pollution replacement?

Looks like you’ll get £7000 just to scrap it! Or £7500 as a grant to scrap and replace with a new electric one…

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Top suggestion! I’ll get them to look in to that!

Do electric minibuses even exist?

Yes. And I’m pretty sure if you’re driving on a CAT B with permit 19, your normal limit of 3.5T is increased to 4.25T in an electric minibus. It certainly is for vans!

Yes, but where would you charge it? I can’t see any RFCA adding charging points yet.

Also the range of them, when laden and towing concerns me. Got a long way to go before they’re going to be useful I think.


Useful for us, probably not.

But useful for local primary and secondary schools who use their buses to cover off the absence of available public transport for school routes. A few of our local primary and secondary schools have multiple minibuses which scoot around the area picking up kids and delivering them too/dropping them off around school hours. One of them has a 40mile round trip. Well within the range of fully laiden e-bus.

But when they come to do school trips further afield, DofE expeds or sporting fixtures they always take the trusty diesels.