Military Aircraft Systems - MAS


Just wanted to say the new MAS stuff is top notch.
I know someone on here was involved.
So thanks!

Really is the doggies bits!


Has anyone else noticed that if cadets have completed the old MAS course and exam it no longer shows up on their results page? It’s imported into SMS but doesn’t appear on reports in Ultilearn. Wondering if it’s just our Sqn?


@MattB is this one of yours?


Cheers, glad it’s working for you!


My sqn adj used it on Monday with our senior group as we’ve just started this topic, at last someone’s tried to inject a bit of entertainment and thought into it, rather than just a set of powerpoints that were duuuuulllllllll !


Where can it be found?


It’s all on Ultilearn, under Version 3 (make sure you use the same version for lessons and exam, or it will all be very confusing!)