Mileage receipts

Might have already been asked but I can’t find the answer - how do we find mileage receipts nowadays? I’m assuming it’s on Defence Gateway, I’ve found the remuneration records but not mileage. Anyone got a steer?

You can’t. They are leaving it up to the volunteer to track submitted and paid mileage.

Ah ok. That’s less than ideal but thanks!

I thought it showed up on defence gateway? My last ones did! Can’t look now as I’m out walking though :sweat_smile:

Some have been saying this through the myexpenses app maybe?

I can’t see that app on my DG at all and we did have comms to say we shouldn’t be using it some time ago so not sure if it is a glitch or should be happening.

This is where I thought they were meant to be but can’t find them anywhere

Doesn’t work for me either!

I certainly used to be able to get into MyExpenses! It looked like this:

That screenshot was taken last year though.

Yeah, I think we could all see it initially and then it was taken off us. Not sure if some still have it.

RAFAC are going down the CS/MOD route, emphasis is on the person submitting the claim.

Individuals keep all receipts and a copy of submitted form. When paid check what they been paid against claim form. You just have to remember T&S rates, mileage, etc.

Though kind of stops us keeping receipts and bits that are useful for claiming tax back etc!

In Defence Gateway Its in ‘My RAF’ ‘Rewards & Benefits’

Mines doesn’t work when I try to go into it, to be fair didn’t know it was in there until I just looked, and I do have some expenses that have been sent off but not paid yet.

I can get in to the My RAF app and that has bits about pay but if I try and look at the ‘Manage your expenses’ bit it tries to load but fails.