Microsoft Teams User Feedback - please help! 'No one' choice in the lobby

One of the things we know is missing in MS Teams is the ability to force all external guests through the lobby before they are admitted to the meeting regardless of whether the meeting is a recurring event or not. We know about issues where cadets who have joined a meeting in a series before are then able to bypass the lobby and join meetings directly, which isn’t good for us and is making your lives worse.

Microsoft seem to be quite responsive to user demand - would you mind clicking the link and voting for this feature? It would help us in the RAFAC and more votes = higher priority for their developers!

I don’t get it… We use a recurring meeting, but have never had an issue with “guests” bypassing the lobby at the start of a session.

Is there something specific that affects it?

Updated that for you - you have not had that problem! Others have.

We’ve had it a few times. If a cadet has a Microsoft school account then it appears they’re given blanket rights to enter the meeting directly.

I get that, I’m asking if we know why it seems to be inconsistent.

I wasn’t being “I’m alright Jack” about it and have voted.

Well that was certainly not my intent! Please accept my apologies.

Thank you for voting, we appreciate the support, as ever.

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So do we appreciate your efforts in support of Sqns and CFAV.

Do we know why there are different experiences such as this example?


I’m not using re-occurring meetings and have had no issues.

It seems that if you use a re-occurring meeting and the “person” has previously been granted access they can return without issue, this is more common with school accounts as the ID remains the same, but is also true for some guests if they have a persistent browser session which retains that ID.


This is what I’m saying - we don’t have that happen despite using recurring meetings. The exact same link since our first virtual parade.

The good news is MS do seem to be reacting fairly well - noticed Monday that 9-view and hands up have finally been released.

Loss if trade to Zoom does cause such a response!

Just another pressure in support of user requests.

They can’t rely on O365’s market dominance as a package if a license upgrade doesn’t give people the functionality they want.


I don’t think this vote is doing what you want it to do. It seems to be aimed at only the organiser bypassing the lobby but forcing all others (regardless of organisation) to need to wait for admittance. As we have had a few events organised by somebody who isn’t actually present that could cause an issue :slight_smile:

The meeting options already seem to offer what we require, in that we can permit those in our organisation in, but hold all others in the lobby until admitted. Unless, of course, you have cadets using RAFAC accounts.

When does a meeting actually “end”? When everybody leaves? When the organiser leaves? When someone actually uses the “end meeting” button?
Does it never really end?

Kinda my point - how is it that some have guest attendees able to bypass when others don’t? We’ve never hit “end meeting” either and just let everyone leave and the last staff member just “hangs up”.