Metal plate on shoes

Hello, was ordering is anyone knows where to get and how to fit the metal plate for parade shoes please.
Thank you

Why do you want it? It’s only going to make you slip over on parade, sound like a silly sausage when walking around, and damage the floor on the squadron.


Yeah this

You could fit “segs” but they aren’t really good in rubber soled shoes.

If you want to get metal “plates” fitted, they really need to be on leather soled shoes with solid “block” heel sections. The simple option is to get a 1/4 heel steel section.

You can get horse shoe heels / toe steels, but you would need a cobbler to fit them - again, leather soled shoes with solid “block” heel sections.

However, as cautioned above, they can be slippery if you are not used to wearing them. Not good for lots of indoor wearing. I used to wear them all the time as an instructor at the Officer Training at RAFC Cranwell - but that was very much for the specific purpose of being smart (& noisy! :wink: ) Note - as shown in the video - you will need to have a extra thickness added to the sole - mine had leather sewn on - all adds to the cost. Then they were bees-waxed - & very highly polished. :slight_smile:

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  1. Theyre dangerous.
  2. You’ll sound like a tool. (Like a wrench being dropped)
  3. Very very dangerous at airfields. Sparks and fuel spills dont mix.

Just don’t.

And words.

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