Mess Rules and Games



I have been reading up on Mess Etiquette for some of our Squadron staff. We are going to a dinner at a formal meal and we’re just wondering about any mess rules not expressed in the book or any general advice on how to avoid mess fines! Any individual rules just for SNCOs or officers?

Any mess games that are good fun / might be played would also be great!

Any help much appreciated!


Mess rugby.

Bottle of port fines.

Usually the fines are spread out over a period of time before the meal, minor infractions and such forth and kept a tab on.
The “voluntary contribution” could be anything from a packet of hobnobs (other biscuits are available) to a crate of beer, and a bottle of port/whiskey/rum being a major infraction.

Of course, you crab air lot might be a bit different.


white socks and grey slip-on shoes are the mark of a true Officer…


No individual rules - but I always deploy the “Short Speech Device” aka as the Ice Bucket, simple rule for the speaker…one hand in the bucket as soon as speech ends hand can come out of the bucket :grinning:


Hope no-one from my unit is reading that post… (speech due in approx 7.5 hours’ time!)


haha… its the best one, I do it at every chance inc a couple of weddings :slight_smile: