Mess Dress Rank Braid Location


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I am trying to find a definitive answer on the position of the gold rank braid on mess dress for Flt Lt. Basically, I have a jacket that needs to be ranked, but I am not sure what the distance from the cuff should be and the space between the two braids for Flt Lt.

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

Many thanks.


Where did you look?

AP1358C, para 0430 a states:
Jacket Sleeves, No 1 SD. All officers wear rings of black and blue ranking braid as appropriate to their rank, the centre of the braid being 9.5 cm (3 ¾”) from the bottom of the cuff.

para 0430 d then states:
Jackets, No 5 …Mess Dress. Full width gold ranking lace is worn on the sleeve of the No 5 (Mess Dress) composed as prescribed for No 1SD.


Ah thats great.

Thanks Incubus - I clearly scanned through the document too quickly!!

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Distance between braids is 3mm


Last time mine was re-ranked it was 1/8th of an inch.

Plus ça change. :slight_smile: