Merseyside Wing - Nesscliffe - October half term

Is anyone here either a cadet who has been to Merseyside wing Nesscliffe in October half term or a member of staff who has been to Merseyside wing nesscliffe in October half term.
Do you know if every cadet (presuming that they want to) are 100% guaranteed to fly at least once in one of the RAF Chinooks?

Mr Riley,

Sadly the days of 100% of cadets getting a flight in a Chinook are long gone. Depending on availability you may get a flight in a Griffin with 60® Squadron from RAF Shawbury but it certainly wont be 100% of cadets.

There were Chinook flights last year at camp, however, not 100% - think this query is probably best channeled through your staff to the Camp Directing Staff to get an accurate answer.

Flights in service aircraft are never guaranteed, as it relies on the aircraft remaining serviceable and available, you may have seen that several Chinooks have been deployed to HMS Ocean as part of Op Rubicon as part of the response to Hurricane Irma.

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No matter how firmly booked, operations will always take priority, weather can prevent flights and aircraft can become unservicable. And if an aircraft becomes servicable somewhere else doing something more important then your aircraft will be taken away to replace that one…

Cadet_Riley, I would have thought that your Sqn staff should have been able to answer this.