Merseyside Wing Annual Camp 2017 to RAF Northholt CANCELLED?


Hi I way just wondering whether any other squadrons have heard about the possibility that the Merseyside Wing Annual Camp has been cancelled, is this untrue or is it the truth?


I am aware that the accommodation has been severely reduced to 30 beds (staff & cadets).

Unsure if all camps officially cancelled as yet of to be decided on a case by case basis for viability.



I would suggest speaking with your squadron commander. RAF Northholt camp is no longer going ahead due to accommodation issues for Merseyside Wing, however, there is a replacement camp that has been advertised.


I believe all camps to Northolt have been cancelled throughout Wales and West region because of lack of suitable accommodation. In my wing that just leaves us with one camp for around 30 cadets to High Wycombe.


Hi All

Being married to one of th ACLO team at Northolt. Last week HQAC informed them that the camps would Not take place due to Accom. At Northolt. This was a massive disappointment due to the fact my Wife had spent a lot of time re doing the program for 2017 summer camps. They have looked at other options but all have been quashed by HQ.

It’s a shame really as the program looked really good this year,



What’s wrong with the accommodation that HQAC was opposed to?
When I was on camp there a few years ago it was the best accommodation I ever stayed in on camp.


There was an issue with permament members of staff in the same block. HQAC said it was CP issue. Which is fair enough.



No fault of the Stn, they lost a big chunk of their accn and were no longer able to provide suitable accn despite their best efforts.


Lost? That’s a bit careless of them


As a cadet I’ve stayed in the same accommodation as permanent staff and they were the best behaved camps, as the blokes worked shift and we were told we had to be quiet.
As I recall we only had the usual staffing arrangements wrt staying in the accommodation.

There must be more suss regulars than when I was a cadet, if it wasn’t a problem then.


And precisely how many decades ago was that?


3 plus.

I think it says more about how little some in HQAC respect how little they respect those that until a little while ago may have been under their command.


I think it says more about how our requirements for safeguarding have evolved and with the general lack of trust society has with its members nowadays (as a reaction to past failures).

What was good for yesterday’s goose is no longer adequate for today’s gander.


I just love how the first I’ve heard of this is from this forum. The limited number of camp places a squadron of our size gets offered means we cherish all we can get. I’m pretty sure this is the second time a W & W organised camp has been scrubbed this year due to lack of suitable accommodation and as such we’ll end up losing out again. Who in the hell is organising this because it’s an absolute joke


I would put a lot of money on the fact if many of the ‘past failures’, didn’t involve now geriatric or dead prominent figures, how much people would care if at all.
The reaction is more a case of faux morality in the media and the general public so those with nothing to do can display mock outrage, as people just carry on with their own lives, as it didn’t really affect them.


The original post is in relation to Merseyside Wing and I know for a fact that communication has gone out to all squadrons in relation to Northolt being cancelled, but an alternative being arranged.

If your wing also had RAF Northolt as a camp, I would suggest taking this up with the relevant staff within your Chain of Command to get an answer as to why you have heard through here, rather than venting on this post.


Point noted and I already have but when we find out that a camp is potentially at risk from from this forum and not from our WSO team you can imagine my frustration. I’m not Merseyside wing, it would appear however that they are more on the ball with these things. To be kept updated on the situation, at the very least, is all I would expect


Fairly sure when we were there (admittedly three years ago now) there were permanent staff staying in the same block, maybe not on the same floor though.


If it was only three years ago someone somewhere has got the jitters.


I would hope that some communication would have been had with the proposed Camp Commandant / Sector Officers / Camps Officer depending on how your wing plan and organise camps.

As an an SNCO, you are less likely to be the first point of contact from the wing for changes of plans, unless you are an OIC unit for example…

Or maybe it is just bad comms and noone has told anyone in which case, yes i totally understand your frustrations!