Merseyside cadets returning from Cyprus

Any staff from Merseyside wing with cadets on the RAF 100 camp in Cyprus know if any arrangements have been made for the cadets to be collected and returned to a central pickup point on Merseyside?

That depends on which flight they were on and what date they return. Won’t be posting troop movements on here so please contact the Wing Ex O or Wing Commander and they can staff a request for info to the camp.


Thanks, have a CDT to collect and they don’t know what’s happening when they get back to UK. Tried the sqn and they haven’t given anything and also tried wing HQ. Not looking for movement details just if anyone was aware so a yes/no answer. JIs and Comms been extremely poor to be honest.

That should have been done and communicated prior to departure.

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I completely agree, drop off information was provided on a post it, nothing about return and nothing in camp JIs

Absolute incompetance if this the case, not surprised though.

Details were sent to units due to split flights and changes in availability of aircraft. Seems some have now been overly effective in communicating those details.

We got the Comms about flights and those changes. It’s the local comms within the wing regarding what happens when they return to the UK. Transport details in JI only mention transport from landing site to another RAF station. It’s whether the wing have made arrangements from there or if parents have to go and collect individually that had not been made clear

If parents have to collect, hope it’s not BZN.

It won’t be as they weren’t dropped there by parents. I’ll leave someone from the Wing to confirm their plans.

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