Meme explosion

I have no knowledge or information on who’s behind the many accounts, nor the accuracy of recent revelations, but I’m loving the recent explosion of memes across Instagram.

Some are silly, some are ridiculous, some aren’t all that funny, but the sheer volume is impressive. Kudos and keep it up.

You are the heroes the RAFAC doesn’t deserve, but needs right now.

(I was tempted to put this into Cyber, but thought that might be a little on the nose…)



It’s also notable that they fulfill an important purpose. They fill, or at least, help to fill, the comms void within the organisation.


Tales from the front lines:

Our co saw a meme once, terrible thing it was.i think its was, oh way back during canteen 23, those were some hard times, you had to be there. Stares off into the distance Anyway, he was causally minding his own business when a young cadet walked over (at a reasonable and safe pace across the room obviously) “Sir have a look at this” . Out CO looked down at the cadets phone that was held out in front and…and…oh god there it was…a RAFAC Meme! It was only for a second but he burst into flames fell to the ground screaming why WHY WHY!!!

The end.

RAFAC MEMES Not Even Once.
EA its in the game


I’m nowhere near competent enough to do a meme with a video, but someone (wink wink nudge nudge VRTMemes) should do one with The Nic Cage/Pedro Pascal clip

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I’ve seen one somewhere

Nick Cage - 16 year old cadet with a place on ACPS

Pedro Pascal - Special K just vibing.


How are you still alive