Media Checking?

Social media is rocking at the moment with all that is going on, but why, o why is there no one checking before posting! Dodgy berets, white gauntlets (how many times!), Medal Ribbon bars with 5 in a row so spilling over the sides of pockets…


I wouldn’t be too harsh on the gauntlets- it maybe the banner bearer has had to step in last minute & they were the only gloves available.

Photos or it didnt happen.

I saw a post with a Cdt Cpl holding a badge to their brassard. Rank slide was at the very top of their epaulette, how do people not spot these things before posting?

corrected that for you


If I’m being pedantic… that is included in “before posting” but nevertheless very true. Such a basic mistake too.

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Better no gloves I say!

If you see RAF Odihams most recent post, seems like we’re not the only ones missing these details…

Good spot :rofl:

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PB should no better :laughing: that will cost him a beer or two

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Must be a Wg Cdr thing :joy:

Patch on the wrong way, and why are there medals?! And a second Union Flag…

that’s just a Nijmegen thing


Thats (the second union flag) a pin for volunteering with the BMC as well as their participation (walking and support) ribbons

*Patch on the wrong arm.

It’s meant to be; Union Flag on the left, RAFAC identifier (TRF) on the right


Which is why it’s the wrong way, you have to rotate through 90 degrees to display on the wrong arm, as the Velcro is rectangular rather than square. You’d think this would be enough to avoid mixing them up …