McDonald's Monopoly

So McDonald’s Monopoly is back and I’ve been twise so far, first time I got Regent Street (green) and went home boasting that I was going to get the other two greens and win a holiday and my mother doubting my luck is that good. Well, second time of going I got Oxford street (Another green). So I’ve just got to get Bond Street to win a holiday to either Ibiza or a England getaway. But even I don’t think my luck is great enough to get all three in a row for next time I go.

So, anyone else trying to win? Or you’ll trying to stay healthy.

Sorry to disappoint you, but each set will have one in them which is strictly controlled in number. So if they have 100 holidays to give away, there will be only 100 Bond Street stickers printed and distributed across the whole time of the promotion. But tens of thousands of the two you have will be printed.

You can look on eBay and see hundreds of Park Lane stickers on sale for the £100K but of course no Mayfair ones (apart from at least one scammer selling a photo of an alleged one).

That said, you have the same chance as anyone of getting one of the lucky ones that actually are the key to winning, so enjoy if you do!


I know it’s borderline treason to admit this within RAFAC, but I can’t think of anything worse than eating a McDonald’s (except maybe a breakfast if I need something quick on the go). Not even Monopoly could persuade me otherwise :sweat_smile:


Yeah, with me it’s bassicly the opposite, any excuse to go to Mcdonolds or Burger king and I’ll go. It’s almost to the point where I can’t eat anything green or healthy.

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Give me KFC any day over McD or BK. Although if I want a burger by preference it’s BK, at least they have some flavour that isn’t all sauce and pickles.


Finally we agree on something…colonel is king


A good kfc wins hands down.

But our kfc is so totally shocking; and a bad McDonald’s is more palatable than a bad kfc…


Just had a Tim Hortons breakfast deal - £1.99 for a breakfast wrap, hash brown and coffee!?

My go to for KFC is proper chicken, never really got into the “burgers” which have always been a bit flakey to me.

I do concur with the idea that the burgers from McDonald’s and Burger King may not be too, “legit”. But they are still a good for the taste buds. I do like Burger King more as the sizes are bigger and more American.