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When I went to Wing Training Day I saw many cadets with two brassards. I learned that this meant they have been honoured (correct me if I’m wrong) and are Mayor’s Cadets and Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets etc. I just wanted to ask what it actually is, what they do (like do they have to meet with these people regularly) and how to become one. Also any information on such cadets you can tell me thanks.

Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets are the more common format, and are generally appointed one per county (apart from a few quirks where large cities or small islands might have their own Lord Lieutenant). This is just something I found on Bader, briefly describing their duties:

The Lord Lieutenant’s Cadet is a highly prestigious duty and is seen by many as the pinnacle of a cadet’s career. The selected cadet will accompany and assist the Lord Lieutenant on a number of high profile duties during their 12 month tenure and during the last few years at least one of their duties has included meeting members of the Royal Family.

Above all, the selected cadet will be an ambassador for the Air Training Corps at many, highly prestigious, events and must be smart, well-spoken and be adaptable enough to carry out a myriad of key duties on behalf of the Lord Lieutenant.

It seems that mostly cities and large towns have Mayor’s Cadets.

In most counties there will be 4 Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets, one each from the SCC, ACF, ATC and CCF. Official engagements will involve from 1 to 4 of them; usually the office will request them all because (due to work/exams etc) they may not all be able to go.

For slightly complicated reasons our CCF has had two this year - one RN, one RAF - and they have met some seriously interesting people including Prince Charles & Camilla.

Our local town also has a Mayor’s cadet from the local ATC. Not sure if she has ones from the ACF and SCC as well. Obviously the odds of getting this job are much better (you are only competing with other cadets from your own sqn in most cases rather than several hundred across the whole county). No idea of the duties - she’s not asked the CCF…

Some of the other services like police cadets are starting to get on board with the Lord Lieutenant’s cadet thing.

My LL Cadet from last year met HM.

CE Yorks?

Sorry I am a bit late,

Does anybody know the process of application for a mayors cadet or how to get it all started?

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You will need to contact your Local Authority, through their Democratic Services Section or Mayor/Leaders office (it varies by Local Authority) and explain why they benefit from having such a cadet. We arranged a meeting with the Mayor, he liked the idea and they instituted the scheme with an open competition across the borough for the uniformed youth organisations which our cadet was successful in. One year appointment in which she has been to many civic events, networked and got some proper work experience through the networking. We sourced the brassard, embroidered with the civic coat of arms, through a well know embroidery company. Some authorities have a number of cadets, some just one.

I would expect any squadron or wing in an area that has a mayor’s cadet scheme will know the details of when and how to apply for the position. I am sure it varies across the country.

would it be the cadet’s responsibility or staff responsibility for contacting the mayors office?



@Hawker as discussed in your thread here.

Our Mayor sent a letter to all the uniformed youth groups, asking for candidates for consideration as Mayors Cadet/ Youth Consort. The Staff pick the candidate to be put forward and the Mayor picks their cadet from the list of candidates. Our Squadron has supplied the mayors cadet 3 out of the last 4years.