Mayor's Cadet Badges


Hope you’re all well. Does anyone know where to find embroiderers that can make Mayor’s Cadet badges? We’ve spent sometime trying to find some sources but to no avail, as they either had very high minimums or extremely high costs for two or three badges (£50+)


Nope, but on a side note: do they need to be so damned ugly?


Mayors office normally provides them


Our office doesn’t have any, only pin badges


Not sure then


The lion on the LLC badge looks like it’s had a rough life


Use these guys:
Real gold wire and a very reasonable price!


I assume you bought it as a blazer badge?


Yes, talk to them, they did ours really well.


That looks amazing! Was it above or below £20?


It was £25 but it’s a complex design. They’ll quote you depending on your badge size and design.


It’s probably a local initiative by the Mayor’s Office as I’ve only seen authorised the Lord Lieutenant’s Cadets badges , so see your Wing Warrant Officer for advice!


Nah it’s in AP1358c as allowed. It has a sample design too.


I use

They made the badges that I used to make a banner belt. £15 each for a normal sized badge and excellent quality.