Mayor's Cadet Badge

I have recently become my squadron’s mayor’s cadet and have received my badge and now need to get it sewn onto my second brassard. However, the problem I have is that i’ve no clue where to sew it on, i have looked on other squadrons dress regs and ap 1358c and the only thing mentioned is that its meant to be sewn on centrally.

For reference the badge is circular Does anyone have any other references for it to be sewn on or can anyone give me more specific measurements for what centrally means (how many mm from the base and sides of the brassard)?

Id use white chalk measure the width at the bottom of the brassard and mark halfway then same again the top then join the marks up. You should have a straight line going down the center of the brassard.

measure the length of the line you have drawn and put a mark halfway…where they intersect is where the center of the badge should be.


On the same subject what are the regulations for the design of Mayors Cadet Badges?

I would have said the design has sod all to do with us.

There isn’t any regulations the only two that are in place is the positioning of the badge and secondly only the mayors cadet for London can wear no1s at ceremonial functions. The rest of the countrys mayors cadets are not permitted

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