Easiest subjects for master (not airframes or air power)




It’s open book and multi choice what’s so difficult?


This made me chuckle!

I do miss the days of having to actually sit and learn the subjects in preparation for an exam.


So do I and only getting two attempts a year and having to resit all the subjects if you binned one, none of this partial pass BS and as it is now only do the questions you got wrong a few days later.

Mind you the old system properly filled up the dark winter nights, without trying to be an entertainment venue for teenagers.

Kids today don’t realise they’ve got it so easy.


That’s exactly what I tell my kids on the unit!


We get ours to do the old paper style as a warm up (or when we don’t have enough spare laptops for everyone), and I mither them through it asking them to explain the answer they just picked.

Makes them think about it for a bit, if nothing else.


We generally just do a mock on Ultilearn on the projector so that everyone can see


Difficult to answer without knowing what you’ve ruled out by doing at Senior!

Our Sqn use for senior/master:
Advanced Radio and Radar (this isn’t much more than bronze Comms)
Air Power
Aircraft Handling and Flying Techniques
Piston Engine Propulsion
Jet Engine Propulsion
Rocketry Propulsion


Since when, you only had to retake that paper you failed. Oh, and there were three attempts per year.

Bet it was dependent on the Wing.


Depends how long ago you were a cadet :wink:it was staff part 1 in my day and after first class was completed only opportunity for exams was April and October and it took a couple of weeks to get the results.


And back in the days on Staff 1 exams, our Wing did exams in November and March, with retakes in June.


Followed by a interview with your sector officer for your lanyard…prefered that method


In my day it was March and resit in November, a second resit was introduced much later but only for cadets who just missed out on a pass.

We worked bloody hard to pass as things were linked to classification, age and in some instances rank. IIRC overseas camps had an age and classification aspect. Although not the overall factor, classification and rank were linked, as classification implied experience. So if you wanted to go on a foreign camp or be considered for promotion you needed to pass.
Now classifications in reality mean very, very little. Hence I don’t understand why cadets seem to get so wound up about an exam where you can sit down with a book and internet access and if you get bits wrong just redo those bits. Bearing mind you only have to get one of two questions per bit correct to pass that bit and when they redo it, chances are they’ll be faced with exactly the same question.


I remember that when you saw a first class corporal, it raised some eye brows! :roll_eyes:

I question the validity of classifications now. We have master cadets that do not know their back end from their elbow!


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