Master Cadet Badges

Hi all, hope you’re all well.

I was wondering if anyone had any spare or old master cadet badges which you could send to me, as I have completed every exam on ultilearn for a good 4 months now, and am simply awaiting the badge, which my squadron has run clean out of.

Thanks in Advance!

I’m happy to send a screenshot to prove completion

Can’t you just order one instead of expecting someone to give you one?


This summarises a major issue with our system at the moment!

Have you tried asking your wing HQ?

I can give it a shot but my CO’s just told me we have to wait for them to send it, which could take ages. If anyone has an email where I could contact that’d be great

If your CO has said to wait then you need to wait unfortunately. Not the best situation to be in but you shouldn’t go above their head.

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I mean it’s not like much has been done, we’re just waiting for a shipment to arrive. And also, when you’re a sergeant with just a leading it simply doesn’t look good, and I’ve been waiting for an MOI assessor since February too, so I’m just a little confused as to what I can do.

How do you know?

Because he’s told me I’ll have to wait for it to come, “there’s nothing he can do”

That in itself doesn’t tell the whole story. Assuming nothing is happening behind the scenes is insulting to him and the wing, so don’t do it.

So if you are waiting for Master, why aren’t you wearing a Senior badge?

Squadron doesn’t have any, I completed all my senior/master exams all in one go when I finished all the lessons.

@A400m I don’t see why I should pay £5 for a badge which is normally free to cadets

I’m not assuming nothing is happening, but whatever is happening is taking way too long for one badge. I appreciate there’s a lot they need to do, but I doubt 5 months is too little time to order a badge.

Remember I didn’t make this post to talk badly about my wing or my OC or anyone involved in the process, I think they’re all great people. What I am asking is whether anyone either has a spare master cadet badge or contact details for wing HQs

If you think that not having a ‘badge’ makes you a lesser cadet, welcome to the badge collector’s club.
You know that you have achieved, your squadron knows that you have achieved and that is what is important.

If it is a real problem for you not to have a piece of cloth, buy your own

I really don’t get why everyone’s being so passive aggressive I’m just asking if anyone has any spare badges. I appreciate that some may think that it’s idiotic to want to collect badges but;
a. It looks pretty :joy:
b. It gives a sense of pride having a fuller brassard, with better classifications.
c. it’s one of the initial ways external people can judge you when they first see you, the impression given off by a leading sgt and an instructor sgt are majorly different.
d. it allows for newer cadets to recognise who to go to when in need of help in specific subject areas.

there’s more but I don’t want to sit here listing reasons.
All i ask is whether anyone has any spare badges, I’d be willing to pay for postage, seeing as it’d fit in a regular letter, I don’t see why there’s a need to be rude :man_shrugging:t2:

They are all probably expecting you to go through the chain of command/supply rather than going scrounging independently.

Truth be told, your staff should be doing this for you. If they choose not to then so be it.


Personally, I agree with ArshamMG. We have failed to complete the ‘contract’. He’s worked for his classification and RAFAC can’t even get him a badge. It’s no as if it is one of the more obscure badges.

I’ll check at my Sqn on Thursday and if I haven’t got one, I’ll buy one and send it to you.


You don’t have to but that’s very appreciated if you’d like to. Thank you so much man🙏🏽
Pm me and I’ll send you my address, thanks again.
Once again I really appreciate how giving you are, not many people would be willing to help me out, and I commend you for your kindness.

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