Master Air Cadet Subjects


Hi, For Master AC my Sqn has made the choice if subjects for me to study. Is this correct as personal I would study different subjects?


Most squadrons have a set six for senior/MAC to make life easier for the people doing the lectures. Don’t worry yourself too much.


It may come down to which subjects they feel able to teach. The subjects are supposed to be delivered by instructors rather than self-taught.

I assume you mean for Senior/MAC…


Mondays!!! I’ll blame that!


I thought Staff P1.


You probably did.


But very easy to self teach


That depends very much on the subject!


Which leads to a big problem… If the subjects are hard to learn yourself, how can Instructor Cadets and Staff teach them? Unless they’ve had it taught to them then the cycle of poor training continues.


I believe HQAC are aware that these subjects are too complicated for 80% of staff and cadets to teach. A company and some CFAVs are redoing the redoing the powerpoints to make them easier to use however still dont think itll be enough without the train the trainer course.

This is what QAIC was meant to bridge but the resource is to far spread. I think and have said before i think QAIC should be removed and the staff running it in each region ( who are in theory SMEs in those more advanced areas) become a HQAC training sqn running train the trainer over those weekends to allow maximum opportunity for the cadets to recieve the best training in the Senior/MAC syllabus which is currently very hit and miss and im sure there is a lot of tick box exercises just to get the cadets to pass the exams.


The powerpoints need changing, but those are visual aids. The courses need proper, detailed course notes that explain the material and allow the instructor to deliver the course using the powerpoint slides and other VAs. “train the trainer” courses may be nice but would be often unnecessary if we had proper course materials.