Masks… Your thoughts

I’ve heard a lot recently about masks and wether they should be mandatory within squadrons but I wanna hear everyone’s thoughts. As an NCO I hope to discuss this issue with my OC within the coming weeks as I feel there is a lack of communication with the cadets about covid regulations etc.

Essentially my question is do you think they should be made mandatory to wear? I’ve seen tons of squadrons not wearing them so I just want to know what the public thinks.

By mandatory I mean indoor and out*

Wait out, as there’s likely to be updated regulations later this week.

Our rules are currently that they are worn indoors.

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Thanks for the advice. Probably should of thought about that.

Our staff team doesn’t keep us updated really with the news/releases that the organisation send out. I’ve seen many squadrons not wear masks whilst doing F2F activity so I guess it’s down to the OC’s decision.

It’s not OC decision… They are simply not following the rukes and should be managed as a result.


Ask to see the F2F document gives detailed information. Inside masks are mandatory anyway, and given the news this week that isn’t likely to change any time soon!

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ATC sqns offer an additional transmission risk which CCF units don’t (mostly) so rules on masks in CCF are up to the school to determine, but masks have continued to be compulsory in ATC sqns.

Wearing masks outdoors is pointless, though. As is doing drill in open order instead of closed (we did that for a while); unless you have very specific conditions (nil wind, temperature inversion) then aerosol simply won’t hang around long enough to be a risk. The only reason to wear a mask outdoors is to avoid taking it off and putting it on regularly and therefore touching it e.g. when going between buildings.

But you’ll have to do as you are told, of course.

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