Maskman syllabus

Scince the new atc progressive training syllabus has come out does anyone know they new requirements for the maskman and for the new L144 rifle

It is all laid out in ACP18 volume 3. Rather than copy all the information here (there is quite a lot of info), see if you can get sight of that manual.

The L144 is a Small Bore Rifle (SBR) and earns the bronze set of badges.

There are 5 Cadet Live Fire Lessons (CLFs) for the Small Bore Rifle of which the L144A1 Cadet Small Bore Target Rifle (CSBTR) is the issued rifle following the withdrawal of the No.8 (some wings still have access to No.8 can be fired until Jun 18 currently) your squadron may also have some Small Bore Locally Purchased Weapons (LPW) for the which the same CLFs apply.

All 5 CLFs are Short Range shoots, conducted in the Prone Position, see the guide to commanders below, that has an oversight of the lessons, and the awards on offer. Note you can’t move onto the next CLF until meeting the required standard in the previous CLF.

If your Squadron has an RCO, they will be able to advise further, else harass your staff to speak to other squadrons who have RCOs so that you can get shooting.