Maroon Beret?!

Found this image on Instagram, the bio for the pic had no info for it whatsoever, but as you can see theres what appears to be an RAF Sqn Ldr wearing a maroon beret.

Anyone ever seen this before/have any info on it? Very interesting.

Soz for the late post, work has me nocturnal :upside_down_face:

Are people who’ve passed the appropriate course to wear the Red Beret (AAB Cadre) eligible to wear it for life, regardless of service? (much like the All Arms Commando badge)

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The beret was, and likely still is issued to anyone attached to the airborne forces. It’s the jump wings which mark out a parachutist, the beret is for airborne units.
For instance, in WW2, everyone in an airborne Division could wear the beret, regardless of whether they deployed by chute, plane or glider.

It’s 16AA Bde, there are RAF officers posted to it, and everyone on the Bde wears the red hat with their own capbadge.


No - as above, you can wear the wings for life, but you only wear the beret whilst attached to the airborne unit.

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A friend of mine was a para who later joined the marines. He told no one of his service with the paras until the day he passed out, wearing his wings…


Whereas everyone on initial training will know if they have a JL graduate on the course. :wink:


Yeah, because they have a statistically higher chance of being the one at the end wearing the king’s badge. :wink:


It’s like how you know there’s a pilot at your party.


Additionally, why is an Army bod wearing a RAF PJI brevet?

Presumably because he has that qual?

Thanks for your replies :pray:t2:

Is the Army PJI Badge the same as the RAF PJI badge then ?

Usually the brevets appropriate to the service someone is serving in is worn, not where they may have qualified (so for instance a pilot transferring to the RAF from AAC will wear RAF Wings).

May depend on where you did the course. As far as I am aware, the RAF train the PJIs.

That was the other option I considered, but couldn’t find any evidence for it!

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