Maroon Beret in RAF

What’s this , Flt Lt wearing a Parachute Regiment beret with RAF Officer badge? I guess possible to have transferred across from Paras or perhaps have done PCoy whilst in the RAF, but seems strange you would wear the beret.

Ive seen the RAF WO wearing green beret…because hes completed commando training, guess its the same

When I was in the RAF, a small number of my trade used to serve on 16th Air Assault Brigade. They also wore the maroon beret with RAF Cap badge. they were not para trained, however, just being part of the unit made them eligible. I recall when this first occurred, no ends of questions were asked about the validity of it - but the decision stuck and they still wear them today - although only for the duration of that posting.

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The maroon beret is for airborne formations, regardless of role. Even regular infantry assigned to the Airborne divisions as glider borne troops wore maroon berets during WW2.

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It’s the parachute wings that are the indicator that someone is airborne trained/P company etc rather than the maroon beret (unlike commandos where it’s both the beret and the dagger).


RAF officer attached to an Airborne unit.

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