Mandatory training, cadets

I am looking for the chapter and verse where it says that cadets need to have completed climatic injuries training and first aid training to undertake shooting activities.
Especially training to pass wht in a nice warm building on a training camp

There is no chapter and verse because it’s not the case.

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I’d like to know about this “climatic injuries” thingy…I’m an RCO, ECO, SAA instructor etc in ACF, and although I’ve seen a video years ago as a regular, after 15 years as a CFAV I’ve seen nothing of this within ACF (outside of mentions in FA course)

I have seen guidance notes for those who approve activity requests in our region and they were told they must reject them if people have not done the climatic injuries training.

Sorry I know it’s not the exact thing you are looking for but someone somewhere is pulling the strings on this.

It maybe worth posting a new thread for this one smudge it’s a farce and will lead this thread in a tangent :+1:

It was brought in for FT during the review in the aftermath of a cadet unfortunately dying on exercise.

The videos themselves offer very little value beyond what should be delivered and monitored anyway, but it’s a tick in the box that covers those above. And if you tick the box without actually showing the videos… Sucks to be you if it goes wrong and you’re discovered.

Oops, too late.

:+1:t2: Ok cheers guys

The videos are considered optional due to them being designed for a different target audience: adult military personnel. They therefore contain grown-up language that may be unsuitable for innocent ears. The associated powerpoint is the fall-back.

We show the videos. They are a bit long and dull and the whole scenario is an utter overreaction but I doubt our lord and masters will apply any level of sense or logic to this. Why should they start now?



We were instructed we had to show
The videos… unfortunately it had to be the RAF ones or would of done the RN ones which were half
The length

Maybe @james_elliott could implement a page for the cadets to watch the videos, where they can’t be skipped, and upon having watched it automatically updates bader

I’d love that for staff, so I could set the video running and go do something else until it is finished.

Stop expecting the cadet portal to solve all the problems. Rather than enabling multiple stupid policies, I would much prefer a coherent and reasonable approach be developed.

It is in ACP5, procedure 30, para 5:
(my bold)

  1. All personnel within the RAF Air Cadets are to be made aware of the potential problems that can be caused by climatic conditions during an activity. Cadets and staff are to be briefed using the DVD -‘Don’t Be Your Worst Enemy’ (which can be obtained from Wg HQ and/or local military units) and the accompanying Powerpoint presentation. If activity cdrs and supervisors are concerned about some of the language within the video (esp for the younger cadets), then they can brief the relevant information to the cadets using the PPT presentation as long as they themselves have watched the video and are fully conversant with the requirements and the material. All staff should watch the video and undergo refresher training on an annual basis…

I wasn’t expecting it to solve any problems, I was just thinking how much more convenient it’d be if a system (either for staff or cadets) was implemented

I use the videos and hold a discussion about the various failings - those by the “perpetrators”, but also their colleagues.

The cheesyness helps when you’re poking holes.

The heat injury one is particularly interesting, because it brings into light a commander’s failings when you consider the Sgt’s role in the scenario.

That’s the policy, so if your activity is indoors… its not relevant, but regardless all cadets should have completed within the previous 12 months.

OK that is Climatic injuries what about being stopped from taking part in activities if you do not have a FA qual of some kind.

I still think this is over kill for WHT training on a classroom or even a day on the range.

Errrrr standby.

Ultilearn: Climatic Injuries now available on Ultilearn by searching for ‘climatic’ - course 114.


DVD including the videos themselves is on SPOL at:


We are not planning on embedding this into Cadet Portal at the moment as the Organisation needs a way of recording that a cadet has completed the training. This is only achieved through Ultilearn. I haven’t looked at the Ultilearn content yet and I am not sure if it includes the videos - which can be downloaded by staff at the link above to support cadet training delivery.

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What are “Injusries”?

I also like the irony of labelling something as “DVD” on an online platform aimed at people who can probably barely remember what a DVD is…

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Don’t shoot the messenger!


Our process:

Create Local Activity
Assembly Sqn in front of DVD and press play.
Add climatic Injuries for all cdts who attended upon DVD cessation - “bulk add qual” SMS facility very useful for this :slight_smile:
Repeat annually - mopping those who miss the initial session.

Re First Aid - ACTO 8 refers to Cdts completing Heartstart within 3 months and YFA with 18 months - source ACTO 8 Para 4 + 5 noted that it doesn’t preclude activity prior to obtaining it…

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