Male Officers No.5's

Looking to buy a set of male officers No.5’s.

I want to avoid Ebay but would rather not be £1k for a set brand new. Anybody know anywhere I can purchase from?

Just a thought/my opinion.

Just think about wether its worth it for something one may wear 1 or 2 times a year on average.


Youre obvs not popular on the old dining circuit… :rofl:


Good for standard sized individuals: RAF Mess - Ceto Militaria Military Uniform Sales

Try your parent unit or the like of Cranwell or Halton stores. Give them a call with your sizes but there’s a good chance you’ll need to try them on.

What size are you? I have a jacket (Flt Lt ranked) in my wardrobe. Trousers suffered a mishap in the form of a rather large tear as I thought I was slimmer than I was when I last wore them! (Trousers are still there but would need repairing).

Otherwise, Ceto is well priced!

Certainly pre-Covid I reckon I used to wear my No5’s more often than my No1’s.

I know you want to avoid that well known online auction site but don’t disregard it altogether. Managed to get a full set (plus cummerbund and a second set of trousers) for a tenth of the price of a brand new set.

Almost new and didnt need tailoring (apart from reranking). Take a look you may be surprised…


Have to agree about the auction site. There was a set of Ones and Fives that were my size but I didn’t need them. However I contacted the seller and bought an officer pattern full length Great Coat for £25.00 plus postage. It’s shrunk in the wardrobe mind you. Either that or I’m just too fat!

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