Male Officers No 5 Mess Dress

Number 5 uniform for sale. Currently ranked as Fg Off. Gold buttons recently replaced. Not sure of sizing (was probably originally tailored) but fits me and I’m 6’2", 42" chest, 34" waist.

Happy for prospective buyer to try on first. In Bedford area.

Willing to accept sensible offers. PM me if interested and for further photos.

Hello Adam

A few questions, if I may please?

  • Would it be possible for a tailor to let the waist out - is there sufficient extra material?

  • What is the inside leg measurement?

  • How would you describe the condition of the mess dress?

  • Which company made the mess dress originally?

  • What sort of price are you looking for?

I look forward to your reply.

Many thanks and best regards.


Hi! Thanks for the questions, I’ll attempt to answer below:

  • I’m not sure if there is any extra material but then I don’t know an awful lot about tailoring

  • Measuring the inside leg of the trousers gives 31"

  • The condition is very good, if not excellent. When I bought it the buttons were very tarnished so it looked scruffy but replacing all the buttons with new made a huge difference. The fabric is in very good condition (especially in the elbows and knees)

  • Original tailor was “R. E. City”

  • I was hoping for £300 but am willing to accept reasonable offers. The buttons alone were brand new and cost ~£70 to replace. I’ve worn this no more than 3 times since purchasing about 10 years ago. It’s been kept in warm, dry conditions within a zip up suit bag to keep in good condition.

Thanks for the interest!


Just got the uniform out to answer the above questions and found I have an extra pair of Number 5 trousers which are a more standard waistline (not the usual highback trousers). This 2nd pair of trousers has a larger waistband which is more like 36" (my waist is currently about 38" and I can just squeeze into them)

I’m happy to include this second pair of trousers at no extra cost.