Male No1 uniform

Hi all. I’m a newly appointed SNCO and have been trying to get a set of No.1s but with no luck. The problem is I’m at the large end of the size range. If anyone has any No1 uniform going spare please drop me a message on here.
Many thanks


Try your local Station stores see if they have anything which I doubt but dont ask dont get

Ebay is the best bet. I was a larger size so had to find the closest size possible then get them tailored. This is the cheapest private purchase route.

This other option is a custom made set but you will.probably have to remortgage the house for that as they are £££££

Way back when (10+ years ago now) I found a set for £25 - ok so the SD cap looked like it had been used as a seat on the underground, but the jacket and trousers fit to the sizes i offered and still doing well now.

I used the field textiles eBay site which is now found - here

I can’t see any No1s there but may be worth a speculative email/reaching out and asking

edit: found this on their website