Making Flight Tabs

NOTE This topic isn’t for discussing whether it’s right/wrong/against regs - so don’t.

Evening all,
We’ve just reformed our two flights which is quite a nice thing given this time last year we were parading about six - and our OC seems pretty persistent on bringing in flight tabs to denote flights. Not sure I agree personally but I won’t argue.

They need to be red for one flight and yellow for the other. I’ve looked into getting some proper rank slides made in a similar design to the UAS ones, with the white square being either red or yellow and the flight number written underneath on a primarily black slide. The only issue is that these would be £3 a pair and the minimum order is 10 pairs - so we’d end up having to spend probably about £90 to get enough pairs.

I’m not so fond of spending £90 of squadron funds on tat, so I was thinking I could just make some small tabs myself out of ribbon or something. Has anyone had any experience doing this that would be able to tell me how you did it?

Ta muchly

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Cut the fabric to just under 3 times the width. Overlap at the back. Staple a couple of times in the middle of the back. Robert’s your father’s brother.

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Perfect thanks. What thickness would you recommend?

We used 1/2 inch - not that we did obviously

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Of course not… this is all hypothetically… wink wink

Thanks for the help

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If you’re going to break the regs, go the whole hog. Sack off the 1/2 inch ribbon - go for 2 inch.

My only issue is the colours. Red and yellow?? Pink and lime green surely?? With a rich sky blue headband for your junior cadet flight??


… and a sash for the flight SNCO.

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American digi camo would be a nice twist if we’re going down those lines.

And belgian purple stuff for NCOs? Splendid

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Nah for Cadet NCOs it’s GPJs and Pacesticks at mine


We prefer full dress and swords


Never heard of Robert’s your father’s brother but I’m stealing it.

It sounds like the southern version of Bob’s your uncle. :joy:

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I’ve just clicked that it’s the same phrase, just said differently… time for bed I think.


I know it’s a lot of money for a hard-pressed squadron but with care these should last for years. I’d be tempted to go for the proper ones (have you talked to Alan at Combat Logos?). The OC could always be in charge of the fundraising…

Personally, I’d have one Flight in blue digicam jackets with elasticated waist, bright red berets and blacked out faces with a diagonal yellow ‘lightning bolt’ going from top right to bottom left.

The other Flight could have black digicam with yellow berets and blacked out faces with a blue lightning bolt.

Alternatively, your OC could just take the time to produce a Flight list and put a copy on the notice board and one on his desk.

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To be fair, at some point in the very near future a picture will go onto social media showing the flight tabs… It will very quickly become a flight list on the notice board with whatever has been spent being a complete waste.

You could get some armbands made up, but you’ll want to use nice bright colours. Red is good, maybe with a white circle and some sort of motif in black?


Bader does flight lists just.lrint them off