Makeup and Cadet No. 4's

Hi all,

Our Dining In night is tomorrow evening, and I was wondering what the regulations are concerning the wearing of makeup with No. 4’s for cadets? There’s nothing specific in AP1358c, however I’m assuming some is OK, excessive is a no-no. What do you think?

Many thanks!

You won’t find anything specific in relation to No 4 SD (or indeed to any other specific mode of uniform), however you will find in AP 1358C the general regulations with regards to wearing of makeup.

In short, if it’s heavy make-up then it’s “conspicuous” and forbidden; If it’s light then that’s fine.

Subtle makeup should be fine. Heavy eyeliner, dark eye shadow etc will not be appropriate.

Basically a light natural coloured foundation .and thats about it

Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:

we give our female cadets the option of civvies or No.4 they all come in civvies I cannot recognize them with their make up on and they have a wonderful time…