Mace regulations

What are the correct regulations for a drum major mace?

as below…

Cant wait until cadet portal comes in.
Cadets can look this stuff up for themselves then.

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But will they know where to look?

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Because I’m going to tell them to read the ACPs on CP before coming forward with questions.

They have to take some responsibility.
Now obviously if they are brand new or 13 years old or stunted, then I and my staff will help.

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I can’t wait for Cadet Portal either. If I had ACP633 I would have used that.

Cadet Portal will relieve so much pressure from you guys as the staff. And it may organisation ACC more. ACC would then get used for another opinion in a situation. Well that what I think anyway.

Not convinced cadet portal gives access to all ACPs just some of them via anon links

Not all of them, no. ACP 633 is one of them though.

633* :wink:

I keep doing that :slight_smile: