Lyneham or closed?

That’s Bristol Lulsgate, with short runways and crappy parking? Or LHR, already over capacity and with major political problems with any expansion?

I respectfully submit that they do!


tmmorris wrote:

Both Bristol Filton, and Bristol have a R/way in excess of 2000m how much more do you want? Bearing in mind Bournemouth is 2300m and you can get a 747 in there, that’s over 100m shorter than Bristol Filton. You can certainly operate any airliner up to probably a321/757 size from there regularly with ease.

That is Bristol Lulsgate (the perfectly reasonable local airport serving a variety of destinations) and London Heathrow (one of the largest international hubs in the world with excellent transport links and a good decade or two before it may possibly be replaced)

Within relatively easy reach you also have Gatwick, Luton and, to be honest, Birmingham. Pop south for Southampton or cross the bridge to Cardiff. You are very well served for airports and your train links aren’t too bad either.

Filton is a red herring, sadly. Closed on 17 Dec to become a housing estate. A shame, as it would have made a better Bristol airport if Bristol city council hadn’t had a financial interest in Lulsgate.

Gatwick’s not ‘within easy reach’ unless you are happy with a three-hour drive to take a 1-hour flight; if you don’t believe me, try returning to Gatwick on a Friday afternoon and trying to get to Wiltshire.


You’re correct, I used 2012 Pooley’s guide (now out of date) for my figures, apologies. However, Bristol still has plenty of runway for a medium jet.