LVMNW - Low Value Minor New Works


I was wondering if anyone can walk me through the process of submitting one of these, is there an area of sharepoint where they are submitted?

Trying to get some sorted while the OC is on his jollys,

many thanks


Depending on how supportive your WExO is, it may be a case of just pinging him a quick email, describing exactly what it is you want doing, and why.

If the WExO agrees with you, they will then submit a formal request to HQAC on your behalf.

Would the WExO take a request for LVMNW from someone who is not the OC, though?

so there is no direct form to fill out on Sharepoint or online submission form? and if the WExO doesnt agree, say for instance you want a ring spare placed on to alleviate the need for extension cords and they say no, or that more heaters are required then it goes no where? seems a flawed system to be honest.

Ask away but don’t anything to happen quick, especially this time of the year, too close to FYE. Put a request in, in May, as it might get something by this time next year.

I’ve waited 3 or 4 years to get things done as RFCA are always pleading poverty. I’ve even had things flagged as H&S concerns and nothing happens.

No specific form at our level, as far as I know. We get emailed a basic spreadsheet from the WExO, and get 6 weeks or so to submit it back to them.

The WExO has to write a justification for whatever it is that you are submitting, so as long as you’re not suggesting silly stuff, like the installation of a staff hot tub, your bid should be fine.

Like Teflon says, just because a bid has been put forward, it doesn’t mean it will happen immediately (or indeed, at all!).

Good luck!

I would mention fire risk! Overloading extension cables will flag up on most safety inspections. The problem is most ATC accommodation was designed and built before the massive increase in demand for electric power that moving into the digital world needs!
Good luck with your request! My unit has had an vermin infestation for nearly 2 years which is still not resolved!

The problem is, you’ll be expected to stop using the extension cables straight away, whereas your extra sockets won’t come through for months or years yet…

Just on the vermin front, you could close the squadron until it’s sorted.

The electrical thing is our fault for using too many electrical items. It’s not just “Spooners”, a mate of mine has a new build less than 10 years old and they retro fitted sockets and he said it looks like a second rate make over programme has been in.

LVMNW aren’t paid for by RFCA - they come out of a HQAC pot

Regardless, the money ain’t there.

That’s not an option! If we close for a long period of time, we could fall foul of the Squadron closure plan and that would let down the cadets and potential cadets in my area!

But how have problems that open, regardless, with that very same sword of Damocles hanging over them.
I think we’re sometimes lucky that we aren’t open to inspection by local authorities, only our in-house box tickers.

That can sometimes work in your favour, as there might be a pot of money that needs spending.

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We have our WI in October / November. By the time they’ve got back to Wing and sorted out it’s Jan and I’ve never had that scenario, always a wait and see for the next FY, as there’s no money. Unless we’ve been told porkies.

Try the - possibly dangerous - social media option:

Close the Sqn due to infestation (it might be worth looking into your legal position if you don’t close a premises you know to be infested…), put that you’ve had to close it on your Facebook feed and tag the Social Media Queen (and possibly the BBC’s defence correspondant) - you might like to note on your post that there’s money for shiny new badges, but nothing for cockroaches or rats…

I don’t doubt you’ll get some rather unpleasant feedback from your local chain of command, but I’d put reasonable money on the problem getting fixed…

I’m surprised that parents haven’t done that already.

If it’s that bad, find where they are coming in block it up and set some traps, (chocolate or peanut butter seems to be liked) over the weekend and get the Civ Comm to bill Wing. Don’t bother with the humane traps.

Its all paid for by HQAC. HQAC delegate money to RFCA and RFCA manage it locally.

We have blocked it up! The problem is the rotting carcasses!!! I am not prepared to allow my staff to deal with that with all the disease risk!!
We have cut all the surrounding foliage away, denying their “bridges”. But the boarding in the vulnerable areas needs to be more substantial!!
But I have some nice new mini water heaters!!

Maybe get an adder?

It’s the accountants that are causing the problem!:grin: